Toyota Corolla: Performance with Safety in Mind

The Toyota Corolla is a popular compact car that utilizes driver assist technology plus offers peace of mind with the ToyotaCare plan. The ToyotaCare plan is a free service that covers new or leased Corolla models. The package is for basic maintenance and covers the owner up to 25,000 miles or two years, whichever occurs first. It also provides no-cost roadside assistance.

In addition to free maintenance, the Pre-Collision System (PCS) will help keep you safe on the road. The PCS detects vehicles in front of you and alerts you visually and with sound. 

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The Toyota C-HR has an Exterior Design that Pleases the Eye

Searching for an SUV with a look that you love can be hard to do. The Toyota C-HR is a popular subcompact SUV and it is made with an exterior that is meant to please those who own it.

The new Toyota C-HR features an exterior that is made beautiful with vortex-styled wheels. These wheels add to the appearance of the vehicle and make it something that you will love to own. 

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Discover the Stylish and Capable Toyota 86

Are you looking for a sports car that is both stylish and reliable? If so, the Toyota 86 will fit your needs. If you are looking for comfort and style in the interior, this is the car for you. Starting with the driver-centric cockpit, you'll enjoy a unique instrument panel that lets you see all pertinent information at a glance.

Another outstanding feature of the Toyota 86 is its sporty style, starting with its Granulux trim, which gives a touch of elegance with an abundance of suede-like surfaces in the cabin. 

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Drive Longer and Better with the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime

If you've been thinking about getting into a hybrid plug-in, it's time to check out the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime. Toyota has taken this popular plug-in and added an impressive performance package that puts it ahead of the pack.

You already know that an electric car will save you on costly gas fill-ups and maintenance. Now discover a hybrid that's designed to let you drive for 640 miles on a single charge. 

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Read About These Notable 2018 Toyota 4Runner Exterior Features

Are you currently shopping for a new midsize SUV? If you are, we hope you consider the 2018 Toyota 4Runner from Toyota West. Aside from a spacious interior, the new model also comes with a wide range of exterior features that make it among the best in its class. To learn about some notable exterior features that come with the new 4Runner, please read our summary below.

The new midsize SUV comes with LED taillights. Not only do these taillights provide you with excellent visibility, they also offer a contemporary, stylish appeal. In addition, the new model offers 17-inch 6-spoke…

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Why the Toyota Avalon Safety Features are Turning Heads!

The Toyota Avalon is a unique full-size sedan getting a lot of attention lately because of its safety features. These are two of those features you'll want to get a closer look at.

When you take the Avalon out at night, then the Automatic High Beams system will kick into action. Scanning the roads, if it detects another vehicle, the high beam headlights switch to low beams until the road is clear and the high beams are turned back on automatically. 

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Consider These Toyota Camry Safety Features

Most people who are interested in a midsize sedan are also concerned about safety, and that is why the new Toyota Camry is again making news in the automotive industry. Consider these safety features in the Camry when making your buying decision.

Unlike most midsize cars with a handful of airbags, you'll discover your Camry is packed with ten new airbags. The airbags are placed in strategic locations throughout the interior to keep the driver and passengers as safe as possible. 

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What Can You Expect to Get From ToyotaCare?

All vehicles need some regular maintenance, even if your vehicle is only a few months old. And when you buy a new Toyota vehicle, you get ToyotaCare for the first two years that you own the vehicle or, on recommended maintenance, the first 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. One of the recommended maintenance offerings on the ToyotaCare is a free oil change.

Imagine that. You can get free oil changes, and along with it, you also get a multi-point inspection in which we will inspect and adjust your fluids. 

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Conquer New Heights in the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a large SUV that is world-renowned for its off-road capabilities. This is very rugged vehicle, but it is comfortable enough for everyday driving in the city. The Land Cruiser has a number of safety features to get you to and from your destination in one piece, building upon its legacy that is 60 years in the making!

The engineers at Toyota designed the Land Cruiser to keep you and your passengers safe in an accident. 

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Exude Comfort and Convenience With the Toyota Sienna

There is just something so convenient about owning a minivan. A lot of people cringe at the thought of buying or leasing one of these vehicles, but anyone who has owned one before knows how great they are. Whether you are taking a lengthy road trip with your family or you are running errands with the kids in tow, there is always plenty of interior space for everyone as well as all of your belongings.


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The Toyota Sienna is a vehicle that provides you with everything…

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